Conor McGregor’s Workout and Diet Routine

There is something unique about Conor McGregor. This Irish professional MMA fighter is currently signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The 28-year-old featherweight champion has recently become a BSN-sponsored athlete. Famously called as “The Notorious” in the MMA scene, it’s well documented that anything he touches transforms into gold in the highly competitive sport of MMA.

Conor McGregor’s Workout

There’s a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity surrounding McGregor’s workout and diet routine. But, the surprising thing is his training principles, and his routine isn’t rigorous as most expect it to be. He doesn’t work out his muscles to a pulp by training for 10 to 12 hours a day in the gym. Instead, he’s successful because he pays attention to what his body needs and what he feel is important. Unlike most other professional fighters and athletes, McGregor has no strict training regimen in his life.

As most of you know, McGregor fights with his fists. The way he moves his body is unique than most other MMA fighters in the sport. He has crafted his body that is as nimble as a cheetah but charges his fists and kicks like a speed of a poisonous snake, and combined with the force of a bull. When asked about his exercise routine, McGregor said that when he wakes up, he drinks water; he stretches out and loosens his body throughout the day. Later he trains in the gym for some time, and afterward, he practices taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, capoeira or yoga. McGregor also added that he likes to box sometimes, but never follows a fixed training routine.

Anyways, for all those here is a list of all the workout, Conor does to be in shape and prepare for a fight. But if you are looking for the precise supplements Conor uses on a daily basis, be sure to take a look at Conor McGregor Supplements  for the full details.

Exercise 1: Flexibility and Dynamic Stretching

Try to do every move at least for one minute. This workout session includes;
• Muay Thai Knees,
• Shoulder Rotations
• Leg Swings
• Hip Circles
• Neck Bridge

Exercise 2: Static Stretching

Hold every move for 30 seconds. This workout regimen includes;
• Back Roll
• Sit-Through Abdominal Stretch
• Sit-Back Shoulder Stretch
• Lying Leg Stretch
• Seated Butterfly
• Locomotion Conditioning
• Duck Walk. This workout decreases knee pain.
• Horse Walk. This workout improves your hip and groin strength.
• Lizard Walk. This workout develops core control and mobility of the hips.
• Ostrich Walk. This workout strengthens the flexibility of the posterior chain.

Exercise 3: Bodyweight Circuit

Do five sets of each exercise for at least one minute. The included activities are:
• Muscle-Up. This exercise works up your abs, biceps, triceps, shoulders, and middle back.
• Push-Up. This exercise works up your triceps and shoulders
• Pull-Up. This activity develops biceps and traps.
• Air Squat. This workout is highly beneficial to keep your glutes and hamstrings intact.

Conor McGregor’s Diet

A proper diet is the most vital aspects of a professional fighter or an athlete to keep in shape. McGregor’s diet routine is nothing most professional athletes. He lives his life in his own way. McGregor says he always keeps on eating food. But if he has a fight coming up, he may cut something out of his regular diet. He loves to drink water and coconut water. He always tries to be hydrated, like to eat good, quality meat. Also, Conor hates energy drinks and a fan of take-out food.

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