For those of us that have gotten used to the daily workout routine, consider it an important everyday task that cannot be missed at any chance.  It is more like a daily chore that we have to do in any case. No matter how simple a workout routine may be, it will get sweaty, and the sweat is all absorbed by the clothes that we are wearing. We can pile our workout clothes at one place and just give it a quick sniff to see whether we can use for the next session or not. Is the sniff test enough to make the decision? Certainly not, one sniff will not tell us how clean or dirty the clothes are and whether or not we can use them again. So, how important is it to wash our clothes?

When you come out of the shower, your body has healthy bacteria and germs that are resting on it. Your body is all clean, and on that clean body, if you wear old workout clothes, it will surely not be a good decision. Your sports bra or vest has a moist layer of sweat on it, and when that comes in contact with your body, it leads to infections and rashes that can be really irritating. Your day old pants are even more likely to lead to the growth of unhealthy germs because the area around there is moist and dark as well; therefore creating problems like yeast infections.

The gymnasiums that we go aren’t clean either; there are different kinds of germs that you can easily pick up when you work out. They are more likely to get attached to the workout clothes that you wear and can be as dangerous as staph and MRSA that you get by sharing the sweaty equipment. Things can get worse if you already have some skin problems or if you have a weak immune system because then you become more prone to getting infected by those germs.

There are some specific materials which tend to catch germs faster and trap them inside for long as they require a lot of time for drying completely. Those materials are namely polyester and Spandex. Cotton, however, is better at this and can be dried quickly, so the issue with germs isn’t that much. If you don’t want to wash your clothes that frequent, then make sure you avoid those fabric materials and go for more cotton wears.

Another thing which decides how frequent you should wash your clothes is how much you sweat. If you are the kind who sweats a lot, then you must realize how important it is for you to wash the workout clothes daily because it will not only be sweaty but full of bacteria as well. If, however, you are not the person who sweats that much then maybe you can think of using those clothes for two sessions but not more than that because sweat or no sweat, germs will still be there.


Do Your Workout Clothes Need Daily Washing?