Many people are a cause of disgust in the gym, and you will surely think about going to the gym at least once because of them or may even avoid going to the gym. Here are the people one should never be at the gym as per gym protocols:



  1. The Pick-Up Artist:

Most of the women do complain about going to the gym just due to the presence of some staring men. Men in the gym do gaze at women with unacceptable sly looks which are really offending for women and women cannot stand them.

If there is someone with whom you want to make eye contact make this eye contact at an appropriate time and if you get a positive response then move ahead otherwise move on as said by a fitness expert.

  1. The Talker:

People do gossip during the workout and that gossips are a real distraction. They should be avoided.

  1. The Texter:

Just place all, yes all the distractions aside and just focus on the task at hand which is you, your health and your fitness. Just skip any sort of texting, calls or any other mobile use during the workout.

  1. The Drama Queen:

Some people do want to take attention of others and are real attention seekers, or some are just careless, and their carelessness has no limits.

So, such people do carelessly throw the equipment such as dumbbell at the floor which could lead to severe injuries if not duly noted and avoided.

  1. The Know-It-All:

There are some people out there who behave like they know each and everything beforehand and do not need anyone’s advice but this could be the result of their overconfidence or shyness so always do give a piece of advice to the newcomers as this advice will be very well appreciated.

  1. The Body Double:

Imitating someone who is an expert in all type of equipment handling and who has a lot of experience with practicing could be really dangerous and could result in serious injury or disease. As to handle the equipment appropriately, experience is the most important thing and without experience imitating any experienced person is just foolishness.

  1. The Grunter

Grunting is the sound which comes out of the mouth when a person holds his/her breath to perform a heavy task and then exhale, and this exhalation causes a really noisy sound. This is acceptable to some extent but if it becomes unbearable then try to avoid doing many heavy tasks and shift to less heavy ones.

  1. The Liability:

Having a narrow area for a workout could lead to problems such as dropped weight, black eye or worse. Do no get close to each other because it is just not only irritating, but it also could cause some safety problems as well as some injuries.

  1. The Sweaty Betty or Stinky Steve

A general grossness is usually accepted in the gyms as a workout is not a luxurious thing to do. It does results in sweating. The most important thing to note about sweat is to clean it from time to time. Otherwise, it could cause a real irritation for others and could also result in serious sort of skin infections.

Never Be These People At The Gym